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How does it feel to have your feet tickled? Why do you sometimes get angry? And what does it sound like when you cover your ears and breathe deeply? 

A Feeling of Me lets children discover their bodies and get to know themselves. Open-ended questions create time for reflection, which strengthens the child's self-esteem and provides tools for finding an inner calm. Inspired by mindfulness and yoga, the book encourages physical and sensory experiences where both you and your child will have the opportunity to get in touch with yourselves.

"It is truly beautiful. I got very emotional reading it feeling my heart smiling. My daughter is 5 months old now. Every day is new, a new adventure discovering the world. She is so full of emotions and sensations. I am very happy to be with her, because it reminds me of being mindful. For me the book is a beautiful companion, both for the children and the parents and people around them, reminding us of these little sensations that anchor you in the present moment. These little details in the drawings are full of tenderness, hearts, colours... a tiny treasure in our hands. Thank you from the heart." /Paula


Get your printed copy, or e-book easiest on Amazon.


A feeling of me


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